What is “Six by Six”

So, I mentioned in the first post, this new challenge, Six by Six. The main purpose of this is to really challenge myself nutrition-wise, as well as aim to hit goals that I set a year ago.

Let’s start with the basics of Six by Six:

-This is going to be a 3-month challenge starting March 1 (yesterday) and ending June 1. I will be posting pictures each weekend through out the challenge

-Nutrition: I will be eating strictly clean the entire 3 months. This means no drinking and no cheat meals for the duration of this time. I will post a PDF of the “grocery list” that I will be abiding by. The only exceptions to the grocery list are going to be Quest protein bars and Quest protein powder, pre- and post-workouts (Quest makes the cleanest of protein bars and powder that I’ve come across, and they taste great!)

-Working out: I am going to be trying my hardest to stick to the following workout routine

  • Monday: Crossfit
  • Tuesday: AM – Weight Training/PM – Crossfit (Pending Business Class that week)
  • Wednesday: Crossfit
  • Thursday: AM – Weight Training/PM – Crossfit
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Crossfit
  • Sunday: Weight Training/Crossfit skill practice

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s talk about modifying and goals for anyone who may be following as well as what you will find on the blog!

First, for anyone who is following this blog and looking to lose weight, I highly recommend you stick to strict Paleo for the duration of this challenge and focus on high intensity interval training for their workouts. That is how I lost all the weight that I have lost, and I live by the motto, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That being said, you may ask why I’m slightly deviating from Paleo. The reason being that, Paleo is amazing for people who want to lose weight, but for trying to add muscle, you need a little more than just Paleo foods to fuel the body. The addition of healthy grains are important in that aspect.

Secondly, I am not, by any stretch, saying you have to follow exactly as I do in the area of nutrition or working out. But I can say, I have managed to go from 200 pounds to around 160 right now, in about 9 months. I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m definitely not an expert. But thanks to the amazing coaching I have received at HRCF and some personal research, I have a pretty good knowledge of nutrition.

Now let’s quickly discuss what you’ll find on the blog!

  • I am going to have a section for the workouts that I perform each day with my weights and times (partially for my own record)
  • There will be a recipe/food section where I will post different recipes that I use throughout the challenge as well as pictures of the food I make and prep for the week
  • And there will be a meal section where I post the meals that I eat each day as well as the time I am eating (again, partially for my own personal record)

If anyone is looking for anything else on the blog, please leave a comment or reach out to me for something you may rather discuss 1-on-1!

Now that we’ve got all the basics and everything out of the way, let’s talk about the name! Six by Six. This name is meant to speak to my goal, one of the goals for me in this challenge is to have a 6-pack by June 1 (the end of the challenge). Again, with the help of the ever-so-clever Lisa Jablonski, I have named this challenge, Six by Six.

Now, I think we’ve covered it all! So let’s get started and get ready to test your will power and self-control over the next 3 months. But most of all, let’s try to have some fun with it!


Eat clean, lift dirty


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