Hitting the bars…clean

The first thing people ask me when I’m doing my stretches of clean eating or Paleo eating is, “how do you not drink for that long?”. The answer is simple, will power! I will admit, the first time I did a month of strict Paleo, cutting out the alcohol was no easy task, but once I realized how much weight I could lose and how good I felt, I realized that I did not need to drink! The benefit did not outweigh the cost in my mind. And the cost of one night of drinking can negate most of what you worked so hard to do during the week. When you’re trying to lose weight, you have to make some sacrifices, but I can promise that it will all be worth it.

So, tonight being the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day, and me going out with all of my friends for it, I’m just going to give a few quick tips on how to go to a bar and avoid that alcoholic drink!

  1. First and most obvious – DRINK WATER!
  2. If you’re not feeling like water is a good option, I recommend drinking a seltzer with a splash of lemon or lime. This way you LOOK like you’re drinking alcohol, but you’re not!
  3. Be the person who gets the drinks to avoid people buying drinks for you, or make sure you go to the bar anytime on of your friends is going to get drinks
  4. Last but not least! Stay strong. Working so hard to lose weight and eating clean, you don’t want to negate everything you’ve done already for 1 night of drinking! All of those drinks add up the calories very quickly.

I know they seem obvious! But they are keys to staying clean while out drinking with your friends. So keep these quick tips in mind, and just remember. You’re doing this for a reason, so don’t let anyone (or any people who doubt what you’re doing) get in the way of that! 


Eat clean, Lift dirty


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