Eating Clean in a Pinch

You’re out running around, barely enough time to even think about food, but you’re starving and you need to eat. How do you stay clean!?

This is often very hard, especially if you are not in a city where you may be hard-pressed to find a quick, healthy option. I have the luxury of working in the vast city of New York, where the options are endless, and there has been a big upward trend of fast, healthy eating options.

But before we get into some of the places I recommend, let’s talk about being prepared. When I leave for work each day I make sure I have enough clean snacks to get me through the day in case I get hungry. I usually bring an apple to work as well as a Quest bar or a Larabar and also keep some almonds in my desk. I also find it very beneficial and important to bring these kinds of snacks with you if you know you will be going out for a full day some place where it may be hard to eat clean. Being prepared is a crucial part of staying clean when you’re out or in a pinch. The temptation to just grab a burger or something from a fast food restaurant can be very strong if you don’t have snacks and you are starving.

This brings me to some “fast food” places that I would recommend looking for if you are in a pinch and you don’t have anymore snacks.

  1. First is probably my favorite, and go-to. Chipotle. Since everything at Chipotle is grass-fed and organic you can be assured that their food is quality. You want to go for the burrito bowl with brown rice (no rice if you’re going for strict Paleo), black beans (Sorry! No beans either if you’re strict Paleo), the Fajita veggies, any protein except the barbacoa (I usually double up on the protein), any salsa you would like, then just add some guacamole (if you want to pay the extra money – I always do) and some lettuce! And there you have it, a clean, but filling meal!
  2. My go to spot for lunch in New York, during the work day, is Fresh and Co. They have great salads that you can customize, or you can go for some of their chef recommendations. You will have to modify some of the chef recommended salads to fit into your clean eating diet. I usually go with one of the vinaigrette’s or just go for oil and vinegar dressing. You know what you can and can’t have, so just remove anything not in your diet! They also have great Quinoa bowls (For those of you not following strict Paleo), be careful with the sauces that they use though, they are most likely not clean.
  3. I want to talk about one more for people who are in New York. Hu Kitchen. Hu Kitchen is a restaurant entirely based off of the Paleo diet, and they serve quick food to-go, or you can stay and eat. Anything that you order here is great, and you will not regret it or feel guilty eating it (Though you may think you should feel guilty!). Hu is located on 14th St, by Union Square. You will often see many Crossfitters in there enjoying a meal after a workout.

Now those are just a few options that are around, but again, there are plenty of options all over, and they are becoming increasingly more prevalent as the health food industry continues to surge. If you are looking for a place in your area, I would just recommend a quick Google search for healthy restaurants in your area, you’ll find more than you know!

If you have any questions or any suggestions of your favorite places to eat clean in a pinch, leave it in the comments! I will be writing a follow-up blog to this regarding the though task of going out to eat, but staying clean!


Eat clean, Lift dirty


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