Meals – March 20, 2015


  • Honey and Almond butter with Flax seed on Ezekiel bread – 10:30 AM


    • Whole Wheat wrap with Grilled chicken, Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado, Hot Sauce, and Jalapenos – 12:35 PM


  • Cinnamon Bun Quest Bar – 2:00 PM

Snack Part 2:

  • Sautéed chicken with Broccoli and Asparagus over Cauliflower rice – 4:30 PM


  • Mussels and Beef Cheek Vindaloo from Dandelions Pub in Philadelphia PA – 9:30 PM


Eat clean, Lift dirty


2 thoughts on “Meals – March 20, 2015

    • Beef cheek is just the facial muscle of the cow. It’s just a normal beef dish in a tomato curry. And I believe you’re referring to the “Peanut Butter cup Quest Protein Snack” – that wasn’t a shake, just a snack that you can buy in most health stores!


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