Meals – March 25, 2015


  • Steel cut oats with Cinnamon and Honey – 8:30 AM


    • Smoothie with Kale, Spinach, Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Banana, Strawberries, and a Raw Egg – 10:15 AM
    • Ezekiel Toast with Honey and Almond Butter – 10:15 PM


  • Sautéed chicken with Black Beans, Sautéed Peppers and Onions, over Brown rice – 12:30 PM


  • Apple and Cashews – 2:30 PM


  • Apple Pie Quest Bar – 4:00 PM


  • Ezekiel Toast with Almond Butter and Banana – 7:00 PM
  • Almond Butter and Jelly Cup – 8:45 PM (Recipe To Come!!)


Eat clean, Lift dirty


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